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Your skin requires an abundance of hydration and moisture to look and feel healthy, soft and youthful. But as you age, your skin’s natural sources of hydration diminish, which is why it’s vital to consistently replenish it.


With technology that delivers powerhouse ingredients like hyaluronic acid exactly where the skin needs them, our ultra-hydrating skincare products will bathe your skin with the boost it needs to stay plump, balanced and radiant 24/7.



Whether it’s a complete daily skincare regimen to maximize moisture or mega boosters that instantly plump up skin and lips whenever you need it, our hydration-focused kits will leave dry patches, premature fine lines and flakiness in the dust once and for all.



Watch how our clinically proven hydration products can visibly plump up the appearance of your skin.


Dry skin can be an inherent condition characterized by your skin type and age. However, environmental, lifestyle and physiological factors also play a major role. The most common causes are dry weather, overuse of heaters, aggressive skincare treatments and airplane cabin air.

Nearly all causes of dry skin can be effectively counteracted with the right hydrating skincare formulas. If your face is dry, use a hydrating serum or moisturizer and ensure you choose products containing science-backed ingredients like hyaluronic acid and certain plant oils, like rosehip seed oil. A hydrating mask will also accelerate your efforts.

Dry skin lacks moisture (e.g., oils/fats), while dehydrated skin lacks hydration (water). It’s important to tackle both simultaneously, as your skin produces both when it’s in peak health. Generally speaking, your skin needs not only a replenishing of water, but also the prevention of water evaporating from skin.

If your skin is chronically dry, you might need to see a professional skincare expert to help you choose the best skincare products for your unique situation. If it’s a situational occurrence, a serum with hyaluronic acid layered under a richer cream with ceramides, butters and oils to lock it all in place is a tried-and-true first step in addressing both dryness and dehydration.

Look for clinically researched ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ceramides or aloe vera, and certain plant oils like jojoba, grape seed and argan. Also, use a variety of products with these ingredients, such as a concentrated serum, moisturizer, mask and cleanser.

Dermatologists recommend applying the abovementioned ingredients on a daily basis. In the evening, when skin works harder to repair itself, use a thicker, richer cream to prevent transepidermal water loss and ensure your skin stays well hydrated overnight.

Choose one that will gently remove dirt, makeup and other pore-clogging particulates without disrupting the fragile skin barrier, while drenching your skin with moisture at the same time. Avoid a foaming cleanser, and choose a creamy texture like our VITAL C hydrating facial cleanser, which also contains oils and vitamin C.

If your skin is both dry and sensitive, it’s imperative you avoid ingredients that could trigger sensitivity. If you use a serum with retinol or vitamin C for anti-ageing purposes, make sure you also mitigate its effects with soothing and calming products, such as ORMEDIC® balancing antioxidant serum and ORMEDIC balancing bio-peptide crème.


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