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Article: Christmas Skincare Survival Guide: 6 Tips to Keep Your Glow

Christmas Skincare Survival Guide: 6 Tips to Keep Your Glow

Christmas Skincare Survival Guide: 6 Tips to Keep Your Glow

The holidays are a joyful time, but they can also pose challenges for your skin. With non-stop celebrations, you might experience less sleep, heightened stress, and various skin issues. In this blog, we'll give you 6 important tips for keeping your skin glowing during the holidays and beyond.

  1. Prioritise Self-Care

Amidst the holiday rush, self-care becomes essential. Your overall well-being is crucial for keeping your skin healthy. To have healthy skin, it's important to manage stress. You can do this by getting a facial, practicing yoga, being in nature, or taking a relaxing bath.

For a quick skincare boost during busy times, consider applying a mask at home. Take just 15 minutes for a soothing sheet mask. An overnight mask is an easy way to wake up glowing. Masks provide a swift way to balance 'me-time' with your holiday skincare routine.

  1. Take Your Skincare on the Go

If you're traveling, IMAGE makes it easy to carry your essentials with our selection of skincare travel kits. Resist the urge to use hotel products with unknown ingredients and opt for our TSA-approved. Packed with effective, natural ingredients, it ensures your skin stays balanced, hydrated, and protected.

  1. Optimise Skin Repair

Get healthy, glowing skin during the holidays with our VITAL C 3-Step Hydration Set. The set contains hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C, which are beneficial for your skin. It includes a facial cleanser, Vitamin C serum, and repair crème that will help make your skin radiant. To support your skin's natural barrier, explore the antioxidant-packed products in our BIOME+ line, too.

  1. Embrace Beauty Sleep

The power of sleep is essential for a radiant complexion and a healthy mind. Stick to your bedtime routine and optimise your sleep environment. Regulate your circadian rhythm with natural light during the day and invest in a high-quality eye mask for sound sleep through the night.

  1. Drink More Water

Drinking water is vital for your entire body, especially your skin. Increasing your water intake helps balance your skin and reduces the likelihood of surface blemishes.

  1. Exfoliate

Combat dull and stressed skin with by keeping it smooth and fresh. Our exfoliating products include powders, cleansers, and masks, so you can gently remove dead skin cells and impurities. Through gentle buffing of your skin's outer layer, your inner glow will shine through.

The Ideal Holiday Skin-Saving Regimen

In the Morning:

In the Evening:

  • Repeat steps 1, 3, and 4 above, and swap in a richer moisturizer, such as the VITAL C hydrating repair crème. This extra layer of moisture will leave skin feeling deeply nourished, hydrated and pampered after a busy day.

In Conclusion

Gift yourself glowing skin this festive season. Prioritise self-care, optimise repair, travel with your skincare, get plenty of sleep, and stay hydrated. Follow these tips and use the recommended IMAGE products for a radiant year ahead.


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