Holiday Skincare Gift Sets for Everyone You Love

The Holiday Gift Guide

This holiday season, give the gift of self-care (it’s not just a trend)! During the height of winter, skin care is a luxurious, and always welcomed, gift that can alleviate the worst of cold season’s ill effects on the skin. By giving a holiday skincare gift set of our esthetician/MD-developed skin care, you can show those you love they deserve to be pampered.

Choosing skin care for others isn’t always easy, which is why we’ve put together these thoughtful collections. Each one comprises a few of our best sellers: gentle products that work together to give exceptional results that will suit all skin types. They are packaged beautifully, so you won’t have to worry about fussing with gift-wrapping paper. 

For a Regimen Overhaul That Defies Age: RENEWING RITUAL collection

The RENEWING RITUAL collection holds a complete skincare regimen made up of five of our best sellers, all to defy the visible signs of aging. It’s for the people in your life who give the most and deserve the best, but are unlikely to invest in their own self-care. With this set, you can instantly overhaul their beauty routine, with quick-acting products that enliven the skin.

The set includes the MAX™ stem cell facial cleanser, a gentle way of removing makeup and impurities at night while supercharging the skin with potent botanicals like apple, edelweiss, and summer snowflake flower stem cell extracts.[1] Next is the VITAL C hydrating repair cream, a rich moisturizer with water-binding hyaluronic acid and barrier-forming ceramides[2] to deeply hydrate. It also includes vitamins A, C, and E to stave off the visible signs of aging in the long term by minimizing the appearance of fine lines.[3]

For targeted results, the collection also features two serums. The AGELESS total pure hyaluronic filler is a powerful hydrating serum that makes the skin appear more plump. It quickly and visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines by loading the skin up with moisture on every level, with multiple types of hyaluronic acid.[4] To counter discoloration, the set features the ILUMA intense brightening serum, which provides a visible brightening effect with ingredients like exfoliating azelaic acid and illuminating mulberry and licorice root extracts.

Lastly, it includes the I MASK firming transformation mask, a weekly treatment that exfoliates with gentle jojoba beads, pulls impurities out with absorbent kaolin clay, and then nourishes the skin with a pepper berry plant extract. Everything is packaged in an elegant keepsake box that she can hang on to forever.

Best for: your mom, who always takes care of everyone else first.  

For Reclaiming Youthful Skin: reVITALize collection

The reVITALize collection is an impressive beauty gift that can upgrade any existing skincare routine. It includes three of our VITAL C products in an exclusive white cosmetics bag to give the skin a youthful glow and intense nourishment.

For nightly cleansing, we included the VITAL C hydrating facial cleanser, a creamy cleanser that is great on its own or as a first cleanse. It punches above its weight class by also infusing the skin with potent beautifying ingredients like vitamin C, which brightens the skin’s appearance, and vitamin A, which helps the skin look smoother and more youthful.

The VITAL C hydrating anti-aging serum is the ideal one-and-done serum. It is made with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C for reversing the visible signs of aging, protecting and hydrating the skin. Those with oily and combination skin can use it alone, while those with dry skin can layer it under their moisturizer.

Lastly, the collection includes the VITAL C hydrating eye recovery gel, a cooling gel that helps to seriously refresh the eye area. It is made with hyaluronic acid, as well as a peptide complex that visibly firms and erases the appearance of fine line and wrinkles. It can be used in conjunction with other eye creams for deep hydration.

Best for: your in-law who has high standards and a taste for luxury.

For a Skin Restoring Ritual: BEAUTY SLEEP collection

Our BEAUTY SLEEP collection ensures that your loved ones will think of you before they go to sleep, by turning their pre-bed beauty routine into a relaxing ritual. It is a set of skin nourishing products that prepare the skin for a good night’s sleep by removing the day’s grime and then loading the skin up with beneficial ingredients that work for all skin types.

The collection includes the extra gentle the MAX™ stem cell facial cleanser to remove the day’s impurities and the VITAL C hydrating anti-aging serum to hydrate the skin, boost its protection from environmental damage, and reduce the visible signs of premature aging. It also features two of our I MASK hydrating hydrogel sheet masks to hydrate deeply and cool down the skin at the end of the day. Lastly, it includes our VITAL C hydrating overnight masque which can be applied instead of a cream to infuse the skin with moisture overnight and to stimulate it with a triple mineral complex.

This collection also comes with a cushioned eye mask to block out light and a gorgeous cosmetics bag.

Best for: the hardworking friend who deserves to relax.

For the Ultimate Self-Care Experience: MERRY MASKING collection

The MERRY MASKING collection offers a dreamy relaxation experience while helping to seriously rebalance and destress the skin. When the skin looks a little dull, this double-masking collection resets things, so the result is skin that looks clear and smooth, no matter the age or skin type. 

The first mask is the I MASK firming transformation mask, which doubles as an exfoliant to remove dead skin buildup. It contains a rare pepper berry extract that is rich in compounds that neutralize environmental aggressors to protect the skin.

By exfoliating, this first mask prepares the skin for the second step, the I MASK purifying probiotic masque. This mask is loaded with yogurt-based probiotics to balance the skin’s natural microbiome[5] and kaolin clay to absorb impurities from within the pores and purify the skin. 

The collection comes with a spatula for scooping out product, and a mask brush for a spa-like mask application.

Best for: the relative who always seems a little stressed out. 

For Combating Dryness Anytime, Anywhere: HYDRATION RECHARGE collection

The HYDRATION RECHARGE collection is a great little gift. This lovely set makes it easy to load up on moisture no matter where you are, with our must-have products in a convenient travel-size.

It includes our I BEAUTY refreshing facial wipes, to easily remove makeup and refresh the skin all at once. It also features the I MASK hydrating hydrogel sheet mask, a panacea for dry or dehydrated skin depleted by harsh weather and arid environments, and our I MASK anti-aging hydrogel sheet mask, which offers the same hydrating effects while also supporting the appearance of youthful skin with a range of peptides and vitamins. Following those up is our potent VITAL C hydrating anti-aging serum, which penetrates deeply to infuse the skin with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C.

To finish off a great facial treatment on the go, the collection features the MAX™ stem cell crème, a nourishing moisturizer with powerful effects. It includes a complex of botanical stem cells[6] responsible for triggering self-healing in plants to visibly restore youthful suppleness in the skin.

Best for: the globe-trotter who’s always on the go.