Back to Business for Our Estheticians: How to Safely Reopen

So far, spring 2020 has been a strange time for all of us. Between quarantine and fears of contracting the coronavirus, life has been stalled and stressful. Slowly but surely, however, things seem to be edging toward normality. Now that businesses are starting to open under new government orders, you’re probably wondering what you should do as you also begin to reopen your spa. There are definitely a number of ways you can keep both yourself and your valued clients safe and healthy, because, yes, unfortunately COVID is still a threat. Here are some tips to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Ask the Difficult Questions

Even if your state or city has given the go-ahead to reopen, you might not feel quite ready to do so. Consider asking yourself if you feel safe enough to open based on how many cases of COVID-19 there are where you work. Consider the level of testing in the community – is it enough? Is it worth it to reopen, or are the psychological and physical costs too high? You might also consider getting tested yourself before you reopen.

Don’t Rush

There’s no need to rush into opening before taking proper safety precautions. Some businesses have reopened so quickly that they have not secured enough PPE (personal protective equipment) for employees or properly sanitized everything or provided employees with the proper protocols. Before you open, make sure you have enough masks or face coverings, hand sanitizers, cleaning supplies, soap, etc. to feel confident about allowing clients back in.

Check on Your Products

It’s important to make sure that your skincare products are up to date, meaning that they have not expired or otherwise become ineffective. If you need time to order new products, factor that time into when you should reopen. With shipments delayed, it might take several weeks or even months before you can receive your new products.

Clean Up

Of course you know how important it is to disinfect. With this in mind, consider having more time allotted between appointments to properly clean and disinfect after each client. You can also think about sending pictures of your clean space to clients to reassure them that everything has been properly disinfected. Furthermore, it would be a good idea to make a sign listing all the ways in which you are keeping things sanitized and clean. Have hand sanitizer available for yourself and your clients as well. Another tip is to have extra tools and linens to make sure you are properly prepared for every client and don’t have to rush to clean between sessions.

Personal Safety

Always wear a mask and gloves. Never reuse a mask or gloves.  Avoid touching your face at all times, even if you are wearing gloves. Take your temperature every day, and you might also consider taking the temperatures of your clients when they arrive. If you develop symptoms like a cough or fever, stay home and contact your doctor while also immediately notifying your clients.

Stay safe and keep your health in mind at all times.